Introducing AppendIQ from Strategy9®

Discover a new standard in data-driven insights with Strategy9’s advanced
casino-focusedemail append service AppendIQ!

Strategy9 has teamed up with Audience Acuity to offer this exciting serivce to the casino sector.

Accuracy and Relevancy

With Audience Acuity, we are able to leverage data from a remarkable 48 differenct active sources and deliver superiror accuracy and relevancy, unlike magazine subscriptions that utilize static databases. We prioritize actual email useage. Don't just append—append with precision, with Strategy9 and Audience Acuity.

Optimize Marketing Efforts

Recognizing the dynamic nature of digital communications, where email addresses change regularly, our sophisticated system is designed to stay ahead of the curve. This powerful tool for your casino provides the most accurate and up-to-date customer email information, enabling the optimization of marketing efforts, enhance customer engagement, and ultimitly drive significant growth for your business.

AppendIQ Service

First time matches are in the 70% range and for an an initial database size of about 1 million records, it is expected to see about 700K matches. Our service includes validated & updated postal addresses, validated & updated PII(personally identifiable information). We’ll return up to 3 validated email addresses and 3 phone numbers including ranking based on actual usage. If desired, we can include credit scores, net worth, gambling profile score, and other demographic scores!

What a few of our clients say

We've been building great marketing software systems for casinos since 2000! We've worked with wonderful people all around the world. Here's what a few have said about Strategy9 over the years:

We've been fortunate to have been working with Strategy9 - and Andrew - since 2003. We've loved their slot tournament system, their SwipeIQ kiosk system, their EmailIQ email and SMS marketing system, and their intelligent and actionable database analytics. They've handled our direct mail program... they even created our website. But mostly it is their undeniable committment to excellence that we admire, and is part of what makes them so special.

Ugo Gagliardi
President, Royal Beach Casino, St. Kitts & Nevis

When the COVID crisis began, Strategy9 jumped into action and helped us send important updates to team members and stakeholders via SMS and email.

Their SMS and EmailIQ systems allowed us to easily connect with our team members during this uncertain time, and their BI/reporting capabilities allowed us to respond to team member questions quickly.

Maverick Gaming
Seattle, WA

Our development experience with Strategy9 has been fantastic - their team has an extremely in-depth knowledge of the product and has been exceptional in supporting outside of the initial installation. Strategy9 has adapted to our every need, and have provided excellent technical support. Very professional organization that took those extra steps to ensure that the STMS installation was completed to our satisfaction. I cannot recommend them more highly.

Todd Miller
Director of IT - Gulfstream Park Racing & Casino, Hallandale FL

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