Introducing ValetIQ for PlayerIQ®

Eliminate valet ticket stubs.
Automate and streamline the valet processes for everyone.

ValetIQ is flexible, full of features, and easy to use

SMS Message Based

No more ticket stubs! When the customer first arrives, they will receive continual SMS communication when their car is checked in, then the pickup request was received, and when their car is ready for them.

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User Friendly Dashboard

Customers are added into the system by license plate, then valet updates the parking location and status via our easy-to-use dashboard. The team will be notified when the customer is ready for their vehicle!

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Simplicity for Everyone

All the customer has to do is request their vehicle with the press of a button! Once requested, the valet team will be notified and customer will be up-to-date on the vehicle status.

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ValetIQ Features

SMS Communication

Keep it simple and automated

Valet Customers are quickly added into the system when the valet attendant enters the license plate detail. The customer will receive a text message with their vehicle details and link to later request their vehicle. Once the customer request their vehicle back, they will receive an update that their request was received and again when their vehicle is ready for them. - The best part is no more ticket stubs!



User Friendly Dashboard

Help your valet team stay efficient and organized

Keep track of all vehicle locations and current statuses with our color coded, simple dashboard. Quickly update vehicle statuses with the press of a button and even send SMS to the patron.

When a patron request their vehicle, the valet team will be notified and the vehicle status automatically changes so the whole team is always up-to-date.

Simplicity For Everyone

Designed with simplicity in mind throughout, patons can easily request their vehicle back with only the press of a button. The patron will be notified along with the valet team that a vehicle request has been created without any ticket number matching!

Patrons are given their own virtual ticket stub that allows them to verify their vehicle & contact details and opt-in to marketing messages from their phone. - And no more searching for lost tickets!


All in One PlayerIQ Module

Gain access to all Queue Manager Features on your PlayerIQ® Dashboard


What a few of our clients say

We've been building great marketing software systems for casinos since 2000! We've worked with wonderful people all around the world. Here's what a few have said about Strategy9 over the years:

We've been fortunate to have been working with Strategy9 - and Andrew - since 2003. We've loved their slot tournament system, their SwipeIQ kiosk system, their EmailIQ email and SMS marketing system, and their intelligent and actionable database analytics. They've handled our direct mail program... they even created our website. But mostly it is their undeniable committment to excellence that we admire, and is part of what makes them so special.

Ugo Gagliardi
President, Royal Beach Casino, St. Kitts & Nevis

When the COVID crisis began, Strategy9 jumped into action and helped us send important updates to team members and stakeholders via SMS and email.

Their SMS and EmailIQ systems allowed us to easily connect with our team members during this uncertain time, and their BI/reporting capabilities allowed us to respond to team member questions quickly.

Maverick Gaming
Seattle, WA

Our development experience with Strategy9 has been fantastic - their team has an extremely in-depth knowledge of the product and has been exceptional in supporting outside of the initial installation. Strategy9 has adapted to our every need, and have provided excellent technical support. Very professional organization that took those extra steps to ensure that the STMS installation was completed to our satisfaction. I cannot recommend them more highly.

Todd Miller
Director of IT - Gulfstream Park Racing & Casino, Hallandale FL

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Have you seen our Queue Manager?

Our Queue Manager gives your casino the ability to effectivley eliminate lines, reduce congestion, and help protect your staff and your customers by easily allowing social distancing in places where you used to have lineups. At your player's desk. At your restaurants. At valet. At the taxi stand. Even at the cage. Anywhere you used to see lineups, you can use PlayerIQ's Queue Manager to reduce lineups and congestion. Plus, your customers don't have to leave a gaming position to get into a queue!

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